Where in the world am I? Great question.

Bio: Welcome to my blog! My name is Beth, I'm college student at THE best University. Some important things about me: 1) I love many things. I am also afraid of many things. 2) I'm a huge Anatomy nerd. 3) I share my birthday with 2 of my favorite science teachers and Dr. Dre. (so cool, right? I know!) Maybe it's a sign... 4) I love to read and as of recent, blog. 5) I was born and raised in the land of cheese. And yes, I do like cheese. 6) I love to sing, like, I sing everywhere I go in front of almost everyone. 7) I love listening to music as well as playing it! I tickle the ivories and recently started teaching myself how to play some acoustic strings (guitar). 8) My friends are the best. 9) If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, please know I am here for you, friend and stranger alike. 🙂 10) My blog contains very honest experiences as well as some interesting writing, whatever words my brain feels like sewing together, the final product ends up here. 11) I am a wallflower. 12) This is my journey on finding and living the happy life. I decided to write this blog because I believe that some of my thoughts need to be shared - and I always appreciate feedback, whether it's criticism or compliments, I accept both graciously. Additionally, I am here to inform you that if you are a lost soul, like myself, that you are not alone in this world and that I hope you find comfort in this blog. Of course, all souls are welcome here. I am here to promise you that whatever you are feeling, whether that be lost, lonely, angry, frustrated, exhilarated, joyful, or just [blank]: you are not, and will never be alone. And, of course, if you ever need someone to talk to, vent to, cry to, I'm here for you. Together, we will find the happy life. ~cheers~

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