It Takes a Strong Person to Stay Positive

Let me take this moment to tip my hat to the honest, hardworking, patient, and supportive parents, coaches, and other individuals who make this world a better place by just being here. I usually try to avoid venting online, especially in my blogs, but in case I start rambling, this is just a fair warning: I might vent. Just a little (fair enough, right?). Here goes nothing.

Coaching is like parenting. You love the kids you work with as if they were your own. Granted I’m still relatively young to have children, the athletes I work with I praise, discipline, and adore as if they were my own – my very own 16 fabulous, fun-loving, notoriously sassy kids. *laughs*

As much as I love them, like any good coach/parent and any rebellious child, we have our moments. Today was one of those moments. It started off so well, and then when one goes sour, all [almost] all seem to turn sour. The reason? “I just don’t want to do it.” I understand fear. Fear of injuries, fear of smacking, fear of hitting the board? Believe me, I understand. Really, I do. I have been there, done that, been bruised, been broken, etc. However, that’s how life is. You get hit, you get back up twice more, and smile. Smile? Yes. You heard me.

But when the excuse is, because I don’t want to? That’s simply unacceptable. Same situation applies to school. Teacher asks the student to solve a problem. Ok, sure it might be challenging, you might get it wrong, but that doesn’t mean you just stop trying or worse, don’t try at all? *inhale, exhale.* Much better.


Sour kid=sour “real” parent (not me, although I was sour. Sour as a bad grape.)

The other coach and I had talked about it trying to figure out what was going on in her head but couldn’t come up with an explanation. Talked to boss lady, explained the situation, and she said she would see what she could do. She sent mom an email to see what was going on, and within less than an hour, there was a response. It was not the response I was looking for. Ouch. In short, she made the coaches sound like the bad guys, and that her kid was completely innocent and just wanted to do the dives she knew how to do. [SHE KNOWS HOW TO DO THE DIVE WE WERE ASKING HER TO DO.] *fuming….fuming…fuming…*

To say the email upset me is an understatement. I aim to please, I’ll be honest. I appreciate constructive criticism as much as the next person, but criticism alone? I’ll kindly pass if I can. I want these kids to have fun, but I also want them to realize that they can’t get away with things so easily. That is not how I coach. It’s just not. If that’s how things are run in that household, so be it. On my boards? If you’re not ready to work, get out of my periphery.

It takes a strong person to stay positive. I had a wonderful morning, but then one rotten email changed the mood, just like that. Again, that’s life. Just have to deal with it.

Chin up, smile on, get over it.



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