His Name…is…

Sorry gents, I’m off the market! Actually, I have been for quite some time. You see, I’ve been hypnotized by these most endearing and sensational deep, dark, chocolate colored eyes. Not to mention the way he always wants to sit next to me, or cuddle with me in bed. And his kisses? Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit it, his breath stinks, and his kisses are usually pretty fast and slobbery, but they’re sweet, and more significantly reassuring. He’s a man of very few words, but his actions speak for him. A few things about my bae:

-He’s really not a huge fan of pictures, but he does love the attention.

-He doesn’t like dancing, he’s more of a wrestling/tug-of-war type guy.

-If eating were an Olympic sport, he’d be the reigning champion…seriously, sometimes I wonder if he thinks his name is “Food.”

-He’s a great short-stop, but sometimes he’s got his head in the, well, grass because he’s too short to reach the sky…essentially, he just forgets to return the ball. Silly boy.

-Every time I come home, he acts like I’ve been away for weeks. He jumps up and down for joy, “cleans” his space by throwing his stuff this way and that, and then kisses me, even though I’m still half way through the door.

His name? Is Charlie. Charles, Cookie, Fat-Man/Stink-Man/Itchy-Man, Fuzzy-Wuzzy.

Charlie. Charlie the Chocolate Lab. 🙂

#woof ❤

*laughs* I love my dog, let’s be real. Why I wrote about my dog in this post? Well, do I really need a reason?

Have a great night folks, hug your beloved 4-legged friend.




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