April showers are bringing more than May flowers…

It’s also bringing on a new challenge!

April is bringing on a 20-30 minute a day cardio schedule. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, that’s roughly 2+  miles running, a good trek on a bike, and a satisfying long swim.

When I was home over spring break, I was able to get in a training day with my own personal trainer – and boy did he kick my @$$ ! The hardest part of the workout was some of the TRX exercises and this one HIIT interval I did with these little barrier things. I’ll admit, I was pretty damn embarrassed, I felt like I was going to pass the heck out! I saw the color in my face draining, and I just thought to myself, “what is going on?! I work out everyday back at Home #2, so what’s the issue? I’ve run a half marathon, in training for another one, am a strong swimmer, solid jump roper, decent rower (at least on the erg)… WHAT THE HECK.

HIIT. That was it: High Intensity Interval Training. Those barriers lasted maybe a minute or two, but wow did it feel like forever.

SO. On that note, starting April 1st, I’m spicing up my workouts with more cardio fun. No, this is no April Fool’s joke, this is real…and the word ‘fun’ is used lightly in this case. It’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it. I’m hoping that this is the breakthrough mechanism I need in my workouts. Believe me, I write some pretty challenging workouts – just ask the people who train with me! However, we’ve focused so much on weights and strength training that now is most definitely a perfect time to incorporate some cardio building. With the summer months quickly approaching, there’s no better or faster way to trim down and get lean then with a good ol’ run! Or bike, or swim for that matter.

I will still eat a healthy diet, LOTS of veggies, maybe cut back on the fruit just a little. I’ll be able to eat meat once again! That’ll be somewhat strange…I’ve become so accustomed to not eating meat now, but it’ll be nice to have turkey and chicken back in my menu. Furthermore, I should probably start cutting Good Bars out of my diet… Sad day, I know. But unfortunately, as healthy as they claim to be, they still have a high amount of sugar and fats which is the last thing I need in my diet. *Again: I do NOT claim to be a nutritionist. I am solely trying to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

That gives me an idea now that I sit here and ponder… While I don’t [typicallyeat prepackaged foods (ie. chips – oops just ate some now b/c, well hunger… and been awake since 11:45pm… and it’s 5:30am now) that would be another great thing to give up this month. That would mean no more Good Bars…But. It’s probably for the best. There are more natural ways of getting the necessary vitamins and healthy fats I need, and it doesn’t need to be through a prepackaged source. What about peanut butter?? Ugh. I guess that means goodbye peanut butter too. Maybe. I love peanut butter, but I guess that would make it a worthwhile challenge now, wouldn’t it?

I’ll do my best to post my workouts on here incase anyone is interested in doing them with me!

*Side note: If you feel like you are going to pass out, something hurts, or it is too fast/hard (at the moment!) stop, take a sip of water, and readjust.  Walk it out, shake it off, and keep on keeping on. If you need motivation, I’m a great motivator – I’ll post some fun things on here too to lighten the mood… just because workouts should be FUN and you should feel GREAT.

Granted I won’t be walking out of the gym like this everyday (or ever), but inside I will because I know deep down I’m making the necessary changes that will help me feel more confident with myself and even stronger in my workouts.

So while it might start off like this:

running animated GIF

and people/my friends will ask me:

running animated GIF

“just felt like running…” Yeah ok.

Eventually, my inspiration/motivation board and Runner’s World magazines will help me to make my transformation:

SLU Model Danielle H for Runners World!

 (Inspiration at its finest: what I would give to look like her…)

But I know if I put my mind to it:


Watch out world. 



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