weekend update with bethyd

Hello world! I once again apologize for not being as present on here as I should be. Regardless, I’m here now, no?

It has been quite the weekend, friends! As excited as I should be for Spring Break, alas, I’m not. I have a solid amount of homework and studying to do, catching up on sleep, playing guitar and piano…and yet, here I am not doing any of it.

I saw my good friend Iz (well, maybe even ‘best friend’ because we do nearly everything together which is stinkin’ awesome!) off on Saturday evening…WOW…it feels like it’s been much longer than that. Seriously miss her so much. She’s at JCamp (AKA Jesus Camp) in LA, which I mean, LA. So awesome – being in New Orleans, doing service for the wonderful people there…you’ll have to hear her side of the story about it. 🙂

My friend Luis also came to visit me this weekend! It was nice to finally meet him in person. I know that sounds kind of funny, but whatever it’s cool. We went to the gym and smashed the workout – as usual – always striving to be better, faster, stronger (thanks Kanye). We also did a photoshoot, walked around campus, went to the Wexner Center of the Arts (super cool – there were a few actual very beautiful fiber pieces that spoke to me…), walked around some more, and had chipotle for dinner. Anddd now here I am: at work, typical for me.

I’ve been in my thoughts for the majority of this weekend…

For the most part it’s because I really miss my friend/workout bud Iz and all her hilarious and sarcastic comments/threats, and I really, really miss my family. On some level, I really wish I had decided to go home for spring break and not set a new personal work record of 37 hours in 4 days…Here goes 10hr shift number 1! Wahoo. On the other hand, that’s what I chose to do and in the process I make money and get to work out at the RPAC. Still…

I’d rather not talk about it…I leave Wednesday for home and boy am I counting down the hours, even minutes.

Another random thing, even though I miss people, I must say I am definitely enjoying the peace and quiet in the building. There’s something magical about silence. It doesn’t matter where it is, but it’s never truly ‘silent.‘  Does that make sense? – I’ll explain later…eventually.

Hmm… I’m considering writing another blog post. Maybe tonight, maybe not. I’m not sure – again, really in my thoughts but I don’t want to think right now… I don’t want to approach or discuss them any time soon.

Anyway, going to go back to work now which will consist of watching “How to Get Away with Murder,” taking some Anatomy quizzes, and probably starting an outline for my 5 page paper. I’ll most likely only accomplish 1-2 of the 3 things…but let’s be real. Who wants to write a paper at 4am? On Spring Break? Obviously me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Basically my 6 stages of emotional duress:

Stage 1: Eat all the food, but completely miss my mouth.

Stage 2: Ok, food never helps…So, I’m going on a run. Or just a workout in general

Fat Amy Pitch Perfect animated GIF

But actually…

Exercise Fitspiration animated GIF

*Yeah. Don’t mess.*

Stage 3: Wow – workouts just make me feel so much better about myself! This is great!

Stage 4: After the post-workout feeling wears off and someone asks me, “Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah, I’m great.”

…but in reality/my head:

Crying Glee animated GIF

Seriously. Please just leave me alone.

Stage 5: After a hot shower, a fresh pair of clothes, a couple hours, a few tears shed and a few punches thrown, I feel my energy draining.

beyonce animated GIF

Stage 6: And finally, it hits me. The emotional and physical exhaustion overwhelms mind, body, and soul…

Baby Gifs For Fun animated GIF

Best. Feeling. Ever.

That’s all for tonight folks!



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