Challenge Number 3

Hello friends! This is going to be a super short post, meant to post it yesterday…oops. *apologies*

Anyway, happy March 1st! (even though today it’s March 2nd, but hey let’s pretend).

So, what’s been new with me? Well, a few things.

1) I’ve been in kind of a funk (potentially to be discussed at a later day, but we’ll see. I don’t want to talk about it right now…), but after a week semi-away from my phone and an awesome weekend with my friend Iz, I feel rested (in a sense) and ready to take on the challenges in front of me. I really just need to manage my time super well this week in terms of studying/getting everything I need to done before break.

2) Iz and I have been working out EVERYDAY which has been wicked AWESOME. I can’t even begin to tell you how sore/tired/happy/stronger I feel. Last Thursday marked the start of Week 5 (I think?). I’m so thankful for Iz. Not only has she worked through all my relatively insane and challenging workouts, but it has been so motivating to have someone to go with the gym everyday. Although she may argue differently with me about this statement, I’ve noticed significant changes over the weeks with her increasing strength and dedication to the mission. I know she’s been dedicated since Day 1, but I can see how much she wants it. We may not be Rio material, but we’re working our butts of here Coach T so I hope you appreciate our efforts/I hope they pay off! Heck, we’re going to be in ridiculously awesome shape come the fall, regardless. We do need to incorporate more cardio though, ie) longer Saturday runs (we’ll get there, Iz…)  and a few more cardio days whether it be 45 minutes on a bike, in the pool, haven’t decided yet. So on that note, no matter how many times you say you hate me Iz, or that you’re going to kill me, in the long run (ha, run – cardio… get it? pun pun… ok sorry), you’re getting stronger. Everyday. Not to mention, THOSE KICKS. *smiles. head nod*

Also, we ran around the Shoe in the freezing cold (probably not our brightest idea), but we did find out that 2 laps around is a little more than a mile! Great info – we’ll run it every Saturday – I’ve got some good workout ideas brewing in my mind.

3) IT’S MEATLESS MARCH! Aka Challenge #3! Now that February/my chocolate fast is over *side note: had a fabulous dark chocolate bunny today. YUM* I’m going vegetarian this month. This is going to be quite the challenge… I. LOVE. MEAT. By meat I mean turkey and chicken. I don’t typically eat ham/pork, at least I’ve never eaten it on campus. As far as burgers, I ate one first semester, then haven’t had one since. No particular reason, but my dietician at the time gave me that “oh-you-really-eat-that-you-probably-shouldn’t” face sooo there’s that.

Also, for my vegetarian month, I’m allowing myself to eat eggs and fish. So, no, I’m not going vegetarian entirely, but still – no meat. #meatlessmarch #trendthat

Today’s meals went as followed:


-scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, a banana and peanut butter, and a glass of orange juice. They were out of lemon water…otherwise I would’ve had that in place of my OJ. Too much sugar in those minute maid drinks – including OJ. *sigh*

*oh yeah, somewhere after a dark chocolate bunny. SO. STINKIN. GOOD.


-salad: dark greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, edamame, tofu (marinated in something?), walnuts, and raspberry vinaigrette; and a Good Greens Dark Chocolate and Coconut bar (typically Iz and I call them Good Bars b/c, they’re goodDUH); and water

So far so good. The rest of this month will be interesting – filled with lots, and lots of veggies and fruits. #saladsfordays

#ineedtostopwithallthesehashtags #imembarrassing #okimdone

Ok, this post ended up being much longer than expected, but that’s ok. I’ll try to post again this week. I had a short writing idea, not sure if I’m going to post it still or not. Hmm…to post it, or not to post it.

OH! and

4) Talked to my sister a little on the phone last night. It was so, so good to talk to her. Ugh, I miss my fam.

Ok, well I’m peacin’ out. Gotta finish some work.

Goodnight world!

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