I Almost Met Urban Meyer. Almost.

Happy Friday everyone! Well at least what’s left of it. We made it – finally the weekend, eh? I couldn’t be more thankful for that fact, except being sick really ruins everything…

I’m not one to get sick, ever. I eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep…sorta. In essence I do take care of myself. The other day, however, my lab partner in my anatomy class came in feeling ill, telling me she had been sick for the past couple of weeks. Are you kidding me.

So. Unfortunately.

Here I am. At my job. On the floor curled in the tightest fetal position. *yuck*

I think I’m sick. But not just from her, I also have to attribute my sickness from almost meeting Urban Meyer. So close, but yet, so far…additionally, I couldn’t see anything except the backs of peoples’ heads anyway so, oh well.

Let me explain.

From my almost encounter with Coach Meyer, I learned three very important things:

1) I would run the world for my friends – they mean a lot to me… however…in certain circumstances, I really do have to think twice.

2) I can’t do crowds. Don’t get me wrong, I can push and shove if need be, but the limited breathing room, sweaty bodies and overheating, and people getting a little too close to me just about everywhere: yeah. THAT’S ENOUGH. 

3) When the bass is low…I’m out. It hurts my heart, my brain, my whole body. Ouch. I feel like crying, but that would take way too much energy. *Click click click…typing this a few keys at a time*

Someone save me.

It was supposed to start at 5:30pm. I left around 6:00pm; the noise and people were too much. I felt bad leaving my friends, but I felt the color from my face draining. I sat outside, the cold air embracing me – oh how it felt so nice! I walked back to my dorm alone. Fearful I would either need to sit on the sidewalk or pass out walking through the doors, I thankfully made it.

I did however pass out in my room. My stomach angrily churning, head spinning, and suddenly back on fire, I curled up in my bed, and slept. Agonizing, yet so needed; but of course, alarm clock rings and I’m back to work. 9-12am. Usually not too bad, but today: it felt like a century. I have to work again from 5-7am; thankfully, another one of my coworkers took my 2-5am.

Anyway, why am I writing this? Well, 2 reasons:

1) To get my mind off of everything I’m feeling


2) To express my semi-frustration at almost meeting Urban Meyer…

One of these days, Coach! One of these days…

(me right about now…)




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