All the little things.

A few nights ago I witnessed the most beautiful sight. I meant to post this yesterday (actually a few nights ago), but my dear friend and I had a tiny jam session which totally rocked…so got a little distracted – apologies, please forgive me.

Moving on.

This is nothing more than a brief story – a recalling of this pure moment, which for me lasted only a mere few seconds as I passed them by, but for them…well, they were infinite.

.    .    .

It was a wicked cold night; the temperature must have been low 20s, maybe even in the teens. My friends and I heard our lovely pond that is commonly known as Mirror Lake was frozen over and people were skating on it! So like the curious people we are, we ventured the 20 feet it takes to get us there and sure enough there were people actually standing (and skating) on Mirror Lake. At first we made fun of them, thinking “how silly, have their parents taught them nothing about ice and hypothermia and the dangers of falling in?” Ha…well, sorry mom. We ended up daring each other to step on the ice, and after a few minutes of banter, [and like the courageous and somewhat fearless women we are,] we bravely took a step on the ice. Least to say, it wasn’t going anywhere. We all “skated” around for a good 15-20 minutes.

Following our little endeavor, we walked past our ampitheatre back to our dorm.

Welcome to the moment. While I can’t say this is my favorite spot on campus, it is definitely a great place to reflect, discover, and enjoy the show. During the day, this little ampitheatre is nothing more than just another little humble and often forgotten place on campus. A place of masked beauty and well-kept secrets.

As my friends and I walked past, we noticed a couple making out smack in the center. It didn’t seem to mean much to them, but for the 3 second glimpse I got of this couple, it instantly sparked  a story for me.

I like writing about love. Falling in love, falling out of love. Broken hearts, healing scars – kisses, embraces…. Even though the love is not my own, I don’t care: love is love. And with that, I dedicate this post to the anonymous, and inspiring couple on the stage.

.    .    .

Secret romances are kept secret for a reason, but it’s ironic because there is no better place to share them with someone than the stage itself, where one can pretend to be someone else, hide under the mask of make-up, the costumes, even the character’s name. Disguising everything but the emotion, the passion, and the enchantment, all of which entertains the audience, but for our Romeo and Juliet, only intensifies the roaring soft romantic ballad. The twinkling lights surrounding the theatre acted as a subtle centering light that ever so sweetly highlighted their shadows, accentuating not only their physicality but the strength of the bond between them. Oh how he so ever gently held her! His bare hands cupping her rosy cheeks, lightly tugging a stray hair before wrapping it around her ear. She bit her bottom lip, trying to hide her delight in this small gesture. He smiled, then whispered something in her ear which appeared to be funny to her as moments later she threw her head back and laughed the most contagious laugh, bright and rather hearty for such a petite lady. Seemingly amused, he shook his head and chuckled quietly at the ground, then briefly looked up at the stars to catch his breath before looking back at the one who took his breath away. At last they once again locked eyes, and just stood there examining one another, with wonder and youthful admiration. It was simply perfect, like that out of a modern fairytale. He leaned in slowly while the anticipation and excitement grew on her face. As if on cue, she stood on the tips of her toes just in time to reach his lips. And at once, they became like statues: inevitably vulnerable to judgement, but instead stood there without a care in the world. Embraced by each other under the darkness of the sky, modestly illuminated by the shine of the stars: that was their moment. And in that moment, they were infinite. 

Roman amphitheater @ night

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances…” ~William Shakespeare



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