*Telephone rings!*


My facial expression…

I kid you not fellow bloggers, readers, and procrastinators…I am rather embarrassed to admit this,  but here it goes *takes deep breath*: I am afraid of the telephone.

It’s referred to as telephoneophobia – the reluctance or fear of making or taking phone calls, literally “fear of the telephone.” That would be me, my social awkwardness, anxiety, and introverted-ness bundled all together in one, sheepish yet [somehow] carefree gal.

Maybe we haven’t addressed my social awkwardness yet, but I find myself to be relatively uncomfortable in social situations. I have gotten better better with it, but there is always room for improvement.

For me, my fear of the phone stems from believing I am not able to speak articulately without stammering every few words…or not being able to improvise quickly enough before someone else rhapsodizes exactly what I meant to say, except in less than half the time.

…Not to mention, I am slightly hard of hearing…

“I’m sorry? Can you repeat that?”

Very funny…

Even in face-to-face conversations I occasionally find myself struggling to catch certain words, so when it comes to over the phone? For example:

Person A: Hey Beth, how are you?

Me: I’m doing well, thank you! How are you?

Person A: I’m great. I have thi- and the z- *fades off into the distance*

Me: I’m sorry, what?

Person A: Haha, I said I have this and –….

Me: …Oh, right? *still can’t hear…*

As you may (or may not) understand, asking people to repeat themselves more than once, is not only inconvenient, but it is also quite frustrating.

…I should probably get my hearing checked…oops.

But hey! As long as I’m alive and laughing, that’s really all that matters to me.


i can't hear you



One thought on “Telephonophobia

  1. Literally my absolute favourite!!! I may not share your telephonophobia, but I do share your social awkwardness and occasional hard hearing (my parents grill me about it all the time), and I must say, I’m delighted to see this part of you! Definitely took courage and major guts to share this so bravo!!! 🙂


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