Colorful Answers

Before I begin, I would like to start off with a minute of silence in honor and respect of Kosta Karageorge and his family. Once a Buckeye, forever a Buckeye. Rest easy, buddy.

[silence, please].

.     .     .

We all want to find answers. Whether it be to a personal question, or a question that affects us all, we are a curious kind. To me, answers are like colors. Some colors are easily recognized and defined, satisfying our inquiries with confirmation of authenticity. Others remain an assorted synthesis of obscure tones and shadows, teasing our familiarity and desire for a definitive response. It is said that not all the answers to life are in black and white, yet those are two of the most perplexing colors of all.

Black consumes, persuades, and cloaks our somber thoughts. It is secretive yet alluring, flattering, but also masking. It shelters insecurities, pain, and the darkened unresolved questions we face from time to time. We find ourselves overwhelmed by pending questions that wander in this dark space. We walk blindly, searching for truth, comfort, or some form of manifested evidence…but even so, this ambiguity only deepens our awareness of our disorientation in the unknown.

Eventually, we can choose to either continue our search through the darkness, or come to terms with the unanswerable. Both very difficult options as we usually tend to linger between the two.

There is, however, this little thing called hope. Hope, as you may have guessed is white. Untarnished, simple, and liberating. It is our beacon of light at the end of the tunnel. With white, we decide how we want to represent ourselves, our lives, and our decisions. Each color we use chronicles our adventures throughout our life, every color and every streak illustrating a different story. Hope, like Faith, gives us something to hold on to. Its enticing embrace carries us out of the darkness like a lost child, once again freeing us from the keeping of sorrows. Even if our canvas is dark, one streak of white can change the whole picture. One little glimpse of hope may not always change our future, but it can change our outlook on life.

There is no easy way to say this, but will never have the answers to everything life throws at us – it is simply inconceivable. Besides, if we were to know everything, what type of journey would that make life?

Our journeys are different with various colors and experiences. It is an almost ever-changing image – everyone has secrets, some that will remain forever unspoken, while others are worn on our heart sleeves. Some of us have darker canvases than others, and in some cases, these dark spots are a part of who we are. We just need to accept it…I do realize, this is much easier said than done. Of course, we shall delve into this topic of acceptance another time.

Every story is important. Every life has value.

 Comparison is the thief of joy.

Your Life MattersYou are loved. Your life matters. You will find the happy life.



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