Where’s my map?

I’ve considered blogging for quite some time now, and I must admit I’m excited [and nervous] that I have finally committed myself to writing one.  *Side note: I apologize in advance if I begin to trail off. My thoughts tend to have a mind of their own…

Anyway, my name is Beth, and I am a lost college student in the sense that my major currently consists of a question mark, but yet my future aspirations remain up in the clouds just waiting to be reached. I enjoy sunshine, descriptive/poetic writing, and settling down with a good book.

My favorite books (because it’s hard to pick one) of all time are as follows: 1) The Glass Castle, 2) The Great Gatsby, and 3) Jane Eyre.

I like science, struggle hardcore with math, and LOVE working with kids of all ages.

Hmm…what else?

I think way too much. I despise not knowing where I’m going (hence the title). I function better on fully scheduled days with limited time. Often I live my life too much like a checklist. Living without regrets is not easy. I use writing and music as relaxation therapy.

I consider myself a wallflower.

And most importantly: I’m trying to find the happy life. Whatever it is, wherever it is, I will find it and eventually, live it. Someday.

On that note, I welcome you to my blog! Comment what you think, tell your friends, and come on this adventure with me. All souls welcome here.


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